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Дикий Запад. Фото 1871-1882 годов (36 фото).

Native Americans: The Pah-Ute (Paiute) Indian group, near Cedar, Utah in a picture from 1872. Government officials were chartering the land for the first time

Breathtaking landscape: A view across the Shoshone Falls, Snake River, Idaho in 1874 as it was caught on camera by famous photographer Timothy O'Sullivan for the first time

Land rising from the water: The Pyramid and Domes, a line of dome-shaped tufa rocks in Pyramid Lake, Nevada, seen on camera for the first time ever in 1867

Breathtaking: Twin buttes stand near Green River City, Wyoming, photographed in 1872
19th century housing: Members of Clarence King's Fortieth Parallel Survey team explore the land near Oreana, Nevada, in 1867
Incredible: Tents can be seen (bottom, centre) at a point known as Camp Beauty close to canyon walls in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona. Photographed in 1873
On this rock I build a church: Old Mission Church, Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico pictured in 1873
Boat crew of the
Landscape: Browns Park, Colorado, as seen by Timothy O'Sullivan in 1872 as he chartered the landscape for the first time

Rockies: A man sits on a shore beside the Colorado River in Iceberg Canyon, on the border of Mojave County, Arizona, and Clark County, Nevada in 1871

Barren: Timothy O'Sullivan's darkroom wagon is pulled across the Carson Sink, part of Nevada's Carson Desert in 1867

Industrial revolution: The mining town of Gold Hill, just south of Virginia City, Nevada, in 1867

Early rails: A wooden balanced incline used for gold mining, at the Illinois Mine in the Pahranagat Mining District, Nevada in 1871. An ore car would ride on parallel tracks connected to a pulley wheel at the top of tracks

Silver mining: Here photographer Keith O'Sullivan documents the actvities of the Savage and the Gould and Curry mines in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1867

Untouched landscape: The head of Canyon de Chelly, looking past walls that rise some 1,200 feet above the canyon floor, in Arizona in 1873

Barren: Two men sit looking at headlands north of the Colorado River Plateau in 1872

Portrait: Native American (Paiute) men, women and children pose for a picture near a tree. The picture is thought to have been taken in Cottonwood Springs (Washoe County), Nevada, in 1875

Natural U.S. landscape: The junction of Green and Yampah Canyons, in Utah, in 1872

An earlier visitor

Insight: Aboriginal life among the Navajo Indians. Near old Fort Defiance, New Mexico, in 1873

Incredible backdrop: The Canyon of Lodore, Colorado, in 1872

View of the White House, Ancestral Pueblo Native American (Anasazi) ruins in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, in 1873

Sailing away: The Nettie, an expedition boat on the Truckee River, western Nevada, in 1867

Taking a dip: A man bathing in Pagosa Hot Spring, Colorado, in 1874

A man sits in a wooden boat with a mast on the edge of the Colorado River in the Black Canyon, Mojave County, Arizona

Native: Maiman, a Mojave Indian, guide and interpreter during a portion of the season in the Colorado country, in 1871

Valley view: Alta City, Little Cottonwood, Utah, in 1873

Remarkable landscape: Cathedral Mesa, Colorado River, Arizona in 1871

Mountains: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, in 1869. A man can be seen with his horse at the bottom near the bridge (right)

Rock formations in the Washakie Badlands, Wyoming, in 1872. A survey member stands at lower right for scale

Tree-mendous: Oak Grove, White Mountains, Sierra Blanca, Arizona in 1873

Shoshone Falls, Idaho near present-day Twin Falls, Idaho, is 212 feet high, and flows over a rim 1,000 feet wide. it is pictured in 1868

The south side of Inscription Rock (now El Morro National Monument), in New Mexico in 1873. Note the small figure of a man standing at bottom center.

Very plain landscape: A distant view of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1873

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