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Красивые цветы? Нет, капли краски! 14 фото

Фотохудожник Джек Лонг (53) потратил долгие месяцы на разработку уникальной технологии съёмки всплесков краски и различных жидкостей. Фотограф из США использует красители, загустители, сжатый воздух и высокоскоростную фотокамеру.

Технология съёмки и создания "всплесков" жидкости является уникальной и Джек никому её не раскрывает.

Blooming marvellous! This stunning floral picture was created by photographing a droplet of paint falling through the air after months of painstaking planning and testing

Paint-ently clever: Artist Jack Long uses water mixed with thickeners and dyes and then uses a flash to capture the right moment as the mixture falls through the air

Another of Jack Long's paint-drop images

Jack is keen to keep the secret of his stunning pictures to himself

Droplet dead gorgeous: Jack says hundreds of captures are made in testing and then many more during the final stage, with just a very few standing out as the best
Another floral image by Jack Long
One of Jack's paint-drop flowers

Jack makes a splash
An unusual-looking flower
Labour of love: Jack says he has a passion for working with liquids because of their incredible versatility when creating high-speed photography
Jack, 53, spends months planning his pictures
Jack says he prides himself on doing something 'truly unique'

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