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Петербуржцы глазами шотландского фотографа (1859-1878 года)

Carrick often spent months travelling and was known for showing many of the people he pictured compassion

William Carrick took a picture of this abacus seller in his St Petersburg studio in Russia. The Edinburgh-born photographer took some of the most remarkable pictures of Imperial Russia

Carrick was born on New Year's Eve in 1827 and later moved to Russia with his family. He returned to Edinburgh where he took up photography and later opened a studio in St Petersburgh

A Russian woman does her washing and was one of the many people who was photographed by Carrick

A vendor with his vegetables poses for Carrick and his assistant McGregor during the 1800s

Carrick and his assistant travelled to rural parts of Russia where they also captured the lives of peasants

A woman serves tea while posing for portrait for Carrick. The photographer took pictures of people to satisfy the curiosity of tourists who were intrigued with Russian life

A chimney sweep poses for Carrick and McGregor. Carrick had established himself as professional photographer shortly after opening his studio in St Petersburg

Carrick and McGregor also travelled to rural parts of Russia where they took pictures of peasants who worked in the fields

A young woman poses for Carrick. He was a passionate photographer known for his compassionate nature

Carricks pictures included pictures of streets sellers, musicians and vendors on the streets of St Petersburg

A woman and a young girl pose outside their home during one of Carrick's many trips in rural Russia

A group of male field workers pose for a picture for Carrick. This would have been the first time many of them had seen a camera

Carrick took hundreds of pictures of street vendors and peasants to help boost business at his St Petersburg studio

A man with his horse and carriage on the streets of Russia. Carrick's collection of images are some of the most impressive pictures of Imperial Russia

McGregor died in 1872 and Carrick continued to work until he died of pneumonia in 1878

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