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Анджелина Джоли и Бред Пит показали свой особняк в Кенте (12 фото)

Sprawling: The Treasury in Ickham is a sumptuous barn conversion and Bradgelina would have paid £3,000 a month to rent the pad while Brad Pitt filmed scenes for World Z

Dining: The barn was equipped with all the latest mod cons, and with this dining table, all the Bradgelina brood can be seated

How was your holiday in Kent? The family are well known for taking the whole brood away when one parent is shooting a movie
Elegant: Angelina Jolie even took her brood out to the local zoo and brought them sweets from the local shop

Spacious: The converted barn has plenty of room for children to run around, which would have been handy for the Jolie Pitts

Peaceful: The Jolie Pitts chose the converted barn, but it wasn't just any old cottage, boasting magnificent views

Loft bedroom: The house is billed as luxurious and private

Beds everywhere: The house boasts double beds all over the barn

State of the art: The kitchen has a state of the art cooker and modern breakfast bar

A room for the twins: Angelina and Brad left the house spick and span according to the owner

Taking a dip: Angelina and Brad could have relaxed in this bathtub

Floodlit: The converted barn from the garden

Tags: знаменитости, интерьер

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